RV Trip 1.1 – Picking up the RV in Winkler

We flew out to Winnipeg on May 11, 2016 to pick up our new RV.

The flight was very smooth and we got a phenomenal deal on WestJet ($93). Susan, Brian, and Maya were there to pick us up at the airport and take us to Sharon’s parents house..

Early the next morning we drove to Winkler Manitoba to have our RV orientation and factory tour. Wow what a lot of info to take in! Here are some shots of our Leisure Travel Van 2016 Unity Island Bed Class B motorhome.

I found the RV very easy to drive although you definitely feel the wind buffeting along the prairie roads. We stopped at the cemetery in Carman to visit Grandma Wildfang’s grave site. I also found backing the unit up with the rear view camera very easy. Lots more to learn over the next several weeks but we’re looking forward to the adventure!


    • Not yet Nina. It was cold here last night and we had some light snow flurries this morning. We bought some bedding today so we’ll sleep in it over the next few days.


  • WOW looks very comfortable , modern and sleek….Mercedes no less…didn’t know Mercedes made RV’s . Have fun and do post lots of pictures. June S


  • Looking forward to seeing it in person, pictures are never the same as being there. You will have to stop by Aintree for a night some time.


  • Congratulations to you both! We RVd Utah last spring. Fantastic trip! Do constantly check the fridge is locked shut. The milk runs everywhere and you smell it forever in the cracks.



  • Having your toilet handy at all times is useful too. Our niece was weirded out by it though. “What culture carries their poo with them?”


  • You are going to have to come up with a sexier name for your rig. Why not run a contest on this blog – the winner gets to join you for onecleg of your trip 🙂


  • Looks great. I was going to suggest going to some place north of the arctic circle on June 21 to experience 24 hour day light, but Alaska appears to have the only road access and there is nothing up there but a pipeline to look at. So my next suggestion is to enjoy you RV wherever you go.


  • My first comment failed to post yesterday. )-: Geez McBeez! Great to see that you’ve landed well in Winterpeg. And the Unity looks fab and very luxurious. Pouring rain here today with the chance of flurries overnight. Stop sending that lousy weather east!


  • My hubby and I are supposed to pu our Unity Murphy Bed in June possibly. I have been trying to decide what all things i will need for it— stackable pots and pans, storage containers, coffee hot shot or something like that…Any suggestions about any of the above or any suggestions about what i need to get for it to set it up? Thanks and good luck on your journeys!!


    • Here are a few items Gina
      – folding lawn chairs
      – rope and clothespins
      – fresh water fill hose
      – black tank flush hose
      – box of disposable gloves for emptying tanks
      – outdoor mat 9′ x 12′ to put under awning and stop dirt tracking in
      – tent pegs for awning legs and to hold mat in place
      – good grade 3 prong extension cord for longer electrical connections
      – you’ll need bins to store stuff in the outside compartments but that varies by unit (we have IB)
      – yes stacking pots are good
      – coffee maker needs to be small size to fit under sink
      – and of course a corkscrew for wine😁

      Those are some starter thoughts for you. We picked our unit up at the factory so we had lots of shopping to do after we got it.


      • I wish you guys had a podcast. I am so wanting to be a full time RVer and get the Flex.


  • Hi Joel & Sharon, … My wife and I own a 2013 Itasca Navion, (bought new), and have already put over 38,000 kms on it. This June we stopped at the Leisure factory in Winkler, MB and really took a liking to the LTV IB model same as yours. It answers everything we would want in new RV. … Questions; 1) What did you RV with before the LTV? …2) Is there anything you would change in this new LTV ? … I have more questions and if you would be so kind to e-mail me directly, john@probc.com, I would certainly appreciate it, Thanks,


    • Hi John, this was our first RV so we didn’t have experience with any other makes. So far we haven’t thought of any design features that we would change. The vehicle gets great mileage and is fairly easy to handle on the road. We’ve also liked that the IB has lots of storage areas. I’ll send you a separate email for any other questions.


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