RV Trip 1.12 Return to home – June 27-29, 2016

When we left Lake Superior PP we decided we would drop down through Michigan and cross back to Canada in Sarnia so we could visit our friends Donna and Jim. We passed through the Pancake Bay area and then took the bridge across at Sault Ste. Marie. We were surprised that the Interstate in the U.S. had a $6 toll and then we had to pay $10 to go across the bridge at Mackinaw! We decided to follow the Lake Huron coastal route instead of taking the Interstate as it would be more scenic. In Presque Isle we visited the 1840 Lighthouse and Lighthouse keeper’s house and we also saw the newer one built in 1870. We carried on down to Tawas Point State Park where we spent the night and also saw the lighthouse there.

The next day we eventually (after doing some U.S. shopping) crossed over the bridge from Port Huron to Sarnia and again had no hassles with customs. We had a really enjoyable night boondocking in Donna and Jim’s driveway and were surprised to find that they had just purchased a Pleasureways RV so now we can plan some trips together.

On our last day for this trip we dropped off the Elvis screen we had been hauling from Susan & Brian’s to deliver to Audrey in Elmira (that’s a long story). We arrived back home and filled the driveway with the RV;-)

What a wonderful first trip in our new RV. Many great memories and many new things we learned about the RV lifestyle. Now time to start planning the next trip! We hope you have enjoyed following along with us and wish you have a great summer. We’ll blog again when the next trip begins.



  • Oh my gosh! You passed our place in oscoda! Would have loved to meet you and tell you in person how much we enjoyed your stories. And see the new rv up close , as this is the one we are thinking about! (We are in oscoda) 2 miles off of us 23. So how do u like the rv? Would you change anything? Get a different floorplan?


    • Yes we were very happy with our choice of the Island Bed model. It really suited our needs. Too bad we didn’t know where you were located or we could have stopped in, maybe next time😉


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