RV Trip 2.9 Big Lagoon SP – Jan. 13-14

After this SP we realized that we’ve ridden our bikes more in the past month than in the entire time we’ve owned them! We first took the campground road down to the Big Lagoon waterfront and in turn went to the Observation tower where we saw a white heron take flight after eating his fish. At our lunch spot by the Grand Lagoon we saw two brown Pelicans constantly flying over the surface and then dive bombing in to the water to catch fish. Although it’s really hard to see in the photo we also saw a Great Horned Owl sitting in an Osprey nest and he kept turning his head as the fighter planes passed overhead in their training missions. After lunch we started riding the Estuary Trail and in turn the Sand Pine Trail and they were both fairly difficult MTB rides due to the depth of the sand. Along the trails we saw a Great Blue Heron, the sand formations from an alligator that had moved from Long Pond to a swamp, a large Armadillo, and another Prickly Pear Cactus. We likely did 14 KMS in total but it felt like much more due to the sand.


The next day we rode across the Big Lagoon bridge to Perdido Key and went to the Gulf Islands National Seashore – Rosamond Johnson Beach. We could enter with our National Park pass so we’ve now recouped the full annual amount making any further National Parks in essence free to enter. We walked the Discovery Nature Trail and saw the opposite side of the Big Lagoon. We also read the history about Rosamond Johnson who had died in 1950 in the Korean War. We thought we could ride our bikes to the end of the key where Fort McRee used to be located but the road only went part of the way so we walked the beach looking for seashells and only saw a couple of people along the way. We’ve had abnormally high temperatures in the last week for this area. Normally it would be in the low 60’s but we’ve had mid 70’s for day time highs which has been great.


Next stop Alabama.

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