RV Trip 3.18 Temecula Valley – Pechanga – March 17 – 27, 2018

This blog should be entitled “how things can quickly change”. The first event happened when we were just two blocks from Wayne and Arlene’s place. We were stopped at the red light and a Limited Edition Mustang (Rousch Performance Mustang) stopped as the light changed for his direction. The pickup driver behind didn’t see the Mustang stop and slammed right in to the backend pushing the Mustang through the light. The crash was horrendous and the back bumper of the Mustang was pushed up to the front seats! We both couldn’t believe what we had just witnessed. I got through the intersection and pulled over and went back to see if the drivers were ok. Amazingly enough they were both fine and I spoke to the Mustang driver and gave him my name and phone information in case he needed a witness for the events. The pickup driver was slurring his words and stumbling around so I believe he was drunk. The image of this crash stayed with us both for several days and I keep thinking about anyone coming up behind me.

As we continued our journey we drove past the very large wind farm in this area that has over 3200 wind turbines.

We reached the Vail Lake RV Resort in Temecula California (which wasn’t much to write home about and was expensive) and realized we were in the Saturday St. Patrick’s Day party zone. I guess we know now why they have 55+ RV Parks so you don’t have to deal with noisy weekend party goers until 2 am. The next day we planned out a route to visit four of the 50 wineries in the Temecula Valley. Our friend Nina had told us about this area as she had visited it many years ago. The tricky thing for us was that since it was Sunday it was hard to get parking at the wineries with our RV. I was designated driver so Sharon did most of the tasting. We found the tastings quite expensive at $20 for 5 or 6 x 1 ounce pours and they didn’t deduct that amount from any purchases like other wine areas do. However the setting of the wineries in the valley was quite pretty to see and the wines were excellent, but of course also expensive. Two of the wineries had discounts if you were wearing green for St. Patrick’s Day so that helped us save some money. We visited Oak Mountain Winery, Frangipani, Doffo, and Wiens. We got lucky at Doffo as they were having a special party for the release of the Moto Doffo wine so we bought a bottle instead of the tasting and enjoyed an amazing pizza and some bacon wrapped Jalapeno’s. Moto Doffo winery also has a small motorcycle museum so enjoyed looking at the bikes. We were likely seeing several motorcycle racers at the release party but we didn’t recognize them. Naturally we filled up another box full of wine to consume on our way home;-) By the time we returned to the RV Park almost everyone had cleared out of our section so it was very quiet for Sunday night.

Our next change event was related to Sharon’s eye. She was having trouble with floaters and a loss of peripheral vision and her internet searches (and warning from the Eye Doctor) led her to the conclusion that her retina may be detaching. On Monday afternoon we saw an Ophthalmologist in Temecula and he confirmed that the retina had two breaks in it and was detaching. He got us an immediate appointment with a Retinal Eye Surgeon and after consulting with him he said she needed immediate surgery. He could operate on Wednesday morning or we could attempt to fly her home. On Tuesday we looked into the flight option but the connections were awkward due to spring break and the timing for when the surgery would be was unknown so we decided not to risk full retinal detachment and have the surgery done in Temecula. The surgeon and all of his staff were truly amazing on how they kept Sharon calm and completed the 1.5 hour surgery. We have the last follow-up this Thursday. Sharon is doing fine, just complaining about being bored! We had planned to go to the Pacific Ocean and we also wanted to visit Death Valley (so we could see the 5th of the North American deserts) but those will have to wait until another trip.

The one upside was that we found a really nice RV park to stay in while Sharon’s recovery was underway. It’s called Pechanga RV Resort (connected to the casino) in Temecula and they have Cable TV, Internet, and they offer a Passport America discount so we had a very nice location to wait around in;-) We soon realized that we’re not very good at stopping and relaxing! We’re monitoring the weather now to try to figure out the right window to drive back home. Once we’re home I’ll do a final blog with the full route we’ve taken this year from our GPS logger.


  • OMG!

    I totally understand the feeling after witnessing an accident. I was stopped at a red light at Bloomington and Durham Road 30 when a car with 2 young guys raced up beside me in the left turn lane and then jumped the lights. What they didn’t realize was that the oncoming traffic had an advanced green. The sound of the two cars hitting head on and then seeing them bounce back still haunts me.

    We almost went to Temecula on our November trip to Palm Desert but decided to pass when we saw the cost of the tours. We decided to go to Ralph’s and buy wine instead. The 30% off deal when you buy 6 bottles is hard to beat.

    Sharon, I’m so glad you had your eye taken care of right away. The only direct flight is West Jet but it only goes on Saturday. Did you pay or were you able to go through the out of Country insurance? If you didn’t pay yourself, I can tell you what happened when I broke some bones in Florida.

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    • Oh my goodness Sharon sorry to here about your eye. Glad to hear that you are doing fine now. Guess you will be glad to hit the road again. I have been having a lot of problems with my left eye hope it is nothing serious. Take care and have a save trip.

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  • I am so glad to know Sharon had her surgery and is doing well – have a safe trip home . Enjoy your blog and tips for our trip next year.

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  • We are glad to hear that the detaching retina could be quickly repaired. We wonder how the medical travel insurance will work out, as I have only once submitted a claim

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  • Happy to know Sharon is doing ok.
    Did they remove the pink elephants while they were in there?
    I still see them from the last time we visited wiarton.

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