RV Trip 4.3 The Rest – Winnipeg, North side of Lake Superior, LTV Ontario Rally, Trip to Quebec, Ottawa, Algonquin Park – September 8 – Oct 16, 2018

If you are regular follower of my blog you likely wondered what the heck happened to us back in September as I had not completed RV Trip 4. That trip actually took another 5 weeks after the Winkler LTV Rally so this post will summarize the rest of the trip.

After the Rally we returned to Winnipeg to visit Sharon’s parents and do some more sightseeing in Winnipeg. We spent one evening visiting the Lights of the North show which was Canada’s Largest Lantern Light Festival. We got there before it got dark and it was really interesting to see the displays before and after they were lit up. We also really enjoyed the acrobatic that they put on and also the laser show on the fountain waters.

For Sharon’s Birthday we decided to go on the Hermetic Code tour of the Manitoba Legislative building. There was a bit of a mix up with their online booking system so they had double the number of attendees allowed the night we went but the tour was still amazing.

Here is the description from the website: “Have you ever wondered why the Manitoba Legislative Building has sphinxes on the roof? Do you know the true identity of the Golden Boy? Join Dr. Frank Albo, academic inspiration behind The Hermetic Code, for an unforgettable tour of magic, mystery and architectural wonder. Meet inside the Manitoba Legislative Building and begin to unlock mysteries of Canada’s most unique architectural landmark.

Dr. Albo will take you along step-by-step to reveal a trail of occult clues concealed in the building’s architecture including: hidden hieroglyphic inscriptions, numerological codes, and Freemasonic symbols so intelligently masked they have escaped historians and visitors for nearly a hundred years!”

The tour was about 1.5 hours and concluded with all the participants making a wish in the echo chamber atrium. It gave you chills with the sound effects when you spoke. This area was also strange as the star on the centre of the floor appeared to be closest to you no matter where you stood on the second floor. This tour is well worth it if you are in Winnipeg between April and October on a Wednesday evening. We learned all kinds of things about the Freemasons that built the legislative building.

On Sharon’s actual birthday we had a really nice afternoon. We had amazing cakes at Prairie Ink Café in the afternoon, we visited Assiniboine Park and Maya’s bench, and then had dinner later at the Bonfire Bistro. Sharon’s theory of having dessert first worked today as we were all very full after dinner 😊

On the third day of Sharon’s birthday celebrations we had a visit from a Blue Jay and had Mexican Tacos for dinner and of course cake for dessert.

As we started our trip back home our first stop was Anicinabe Park in Kenora since we were doing the Terry Fox run there the next day. We were lucky to get a campsite in the park on a Saturday night and were amazed by the number of deer wandering around the campground.

The Terry Fox run in Kenora had a great turn out and we were really impressed with the number of volunteers they had and how well organized it was. The route took us along a lake for 5 KMS and then returned the same way.

After the run we were hoping to camp at Rushing River Provincial Park but unfortunately that was the day they were closing for the season. They let us drive through to see the park but then we proceeded on to Crystal Lake Campground prior to Vermillion Bay as a couple from the LTV Rally had told us about it. We got a very pretty campsite by the water and then went to do the hike around the lake when by total surprise Robert and Louise were by the beach. They were the ones that had told us about the campground and they had stopped in for a night on their way back to Quebec, what are the odds😉 After the 10 KMS Terry Fox run and the hike around the lake, a cool swim in the lake was verrry refreshing.

The following day we stopped in Ignace Ontario where they had historical displays at the tourist information office discussing the history of the area including the Granite Quarries and the start of the forestry service in 1917 along with the Bonheur Fire Tower.

That evening we got a campsite at Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park and enjoyed a walk along the trails by the falls. The falls has actually eroded quite significantly since early photos from 1850.

There is a very touching memorial for Terry Fox south of Thunder Bay that we have been to several times. Since we had just participated in the Terry Fox run we decided to stop again in memory of family members. I found the memorial quite emotional after having been involved in raising money for cancer research for the last 38 years through the run. We had a good view of Sleeping Giant on Sibley Peninsula which is actually listed as one of the Seven Wonders of Canada. There is a great Provincial Park there but having stayed there in the past we moved on to a Provincial Park we hadn’t been to yet.

Our next stop was Rainbow Falls Provincial Park and we were really lucky to get the last electric site right by the water for a 2 night stay. We had spectacular sunsets on both nights as you will see from the photos. Very typical Lake Superior scenery. We had heard about the Rainbow Falls trail which according to a National Park guide was supposed to be one of the most beautiful hikes in Canada so we did the hike the next day. Certainly it was a really nice hike that was worth doing with the uphill section being a little bit difficult but we would not have ranked this one in our top hikes😉

Our next destination was Pancake Bay to visit our friends Randy and Shari who we had met in New Orleans. Shari had given us a fantastic itinerary of places to stop as we proceeded south through Lake Superior Provincial Park. We stopped at Old Woman Bay, Katherine Cove with bathtub island and really interesting pieces of granite, we stopped and did a hike called Pinguisibi along the Sand River, and eventually arrived at their cottage (camp) in Pancake Bay. All day the winds had been very strong, blowing the RV around and creating massive waves on Lake Superior. We had a lovely dinner with Partridge and Salmon that Randy had caught and then saw the tail end of a beautiful sunset as the winds had died down. We hadn’t seen Randy and Shari for about 16 months but we follow each other’s travel blogs so we had many travel stories to recount.

The next Provincial Park we had not visited yet was Chutes in Massey Ontario along the Trans Canada highway prior to Espanola. They had lots of available campsites even though it was the weekend and we got one quite close to the trail system. We saw the main waterfalls the first day and then did a longer hike to see the other waterfalls prior to leaving the next day. We liked the sign along the trail that said Martinis were banned😉

Oastler Lake Provincial Park was near Parry Sound so we made that our next stop. We got a campsite right beside the lake (premium price) and the beach. They didn’t have any hiking trails but we did walk around the entire campground to see the various camping sections. We had another beautiful sunset and even the racoon came down to the water to climb the tree to watch the sunset.

We were heading to our friend Cheryl’s house in Caesarea along Lake Scugog for the next night but we stopped in Gravenhurst to visit the Dr. Norman Bethune Museum. We didn’t know much about him but it was obvious that all the Chinese tourists had heard of him as the tour buses were continually stopping there. He led quite a fascinating life so if you are ever in Gravenhurst it’s worth the stop. We had a great dinner with Cheryl and finished the night with a dip in the hot tub.

Our next week was spent in Lindsay for our Leisure Travel Van (LTV) Ontario Fall Rally which I was hosting as the Chapter Head. We had 7 RV’s and 19 people in attendance and we had a great time socializing, eating, and exploring the area around Lindsay. We visited the Olde Gaol Museum, the Pie Eyed Monk Brewery, the Kirkfield Lift Lock, the historic rock fences near the locks, and of course had campfires every night after our dinner meal.

After the rally we returned home for a couple of weeks before heading east again. Our destination was Saint-Cyrille-de-Wendover in Quebec so we could have our Komo Bike Carrier installed on our RV. Along the way we enjoyed some really spectacular fall colours. We stayed overnight just north of Kingston at the Rideau Acres Campground as we wanted to check it out as a possible location for one of our future Ontario LTV rallies.

The following day started beautiful and sunny again so the fall colours along the Thousand Islands National Park were truly spectacular. We actually wished we had our bikes with us as they have bike trails that go all along the Thousand Island Parkway, something to do another year. As we got into Quebec and drove south of Montreal rain had started and it was getting fairly dark by the time we reached Komo Creations. The owner Serge lives in a Class A motorhome behind the business and had agreed to allow us to camp behind the building for the night so we could have the bike carrier installed the following morning. It only took them about 1.5 hours to install it and then we were on our way back to Ottawa to visit our friends Phil and Linda.

One of the other reasons we wanted to visit Ottawa was that I had found a deal on a Cannondale MTB so I wanted to buy it and put it in our new bike carrier. We also checked out a Trek Fat Tire bike and decided to buy that as well, after we made sure that both bikes would fit in the new carrier😉 We tested the bikes out on the bike trails in Ottawa and saw some more great fall colours. We also went to the Gatineau hills for some hiking and walked along the Quebec side of the Ottawa River with views of the Parliament buildings. There was a horticultural show on along the river so we saw some of the exhibits. Phil also cooked up some spectacular seafood recipes during our stay, yum😉

On our way home we spent a couple of days in Algonquin Park. From what we were told the fall colours had been at their peak about 1 week before we were there but we still saw some nice areas. We visited Cache Lake Historic site which used to be the Park Headquarters and the train station. We also went to the Tom Thomson exhibit in the park. Lastly we hiked the Hardwood Lookout Trail to see the fall colours before heading home.

RV Trip 4 ended up being a 7,250 KM journey heading both West and East from our home and circumnavigating Lake Superior and Lake Huron ( Joel and Sharon RV Trip 4 full map ) By the time we finished this trip we had lived in our RV for 14 of the 28 months that we had owned it so you could call us half timers instead of full timers😉 Hope you have enjoyed this journey and I’ll try not to have such a large gap in time for future blogs. We are currently planning our next adventure which will take us to the Yukon and Alaska starting in May of this year so I’ll restart the blog when that trip begins, until then safe travels.


  • Really enjoyed your blog! You’ve had quite the adventure in the past couple of years. We are actually planning a road trip to Whitehorse for this summer, perhaps we’ll meet you on the road somewhere!! If you haven’t got a copy already, I highly recommend you get The Milepost – Alaska Travel Planner, it is a full of detail & worth the money. Happy trails!!


    • HI David and Jacqui, thanks for your comment and yes we also purchased the Milepost planner and this week have started planning out our route. When we have a rough itinerary we can share it with you to see if our timing can align to meet up;-)


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