RV Trip 6.1 – Woodstock, Chillicothe, Mount Airy, Myrtle Beach – Nov 28 – Dec 5, 2019

The travel plan for RV Trip 6 is to find warmer weather and not drive as much as we did in the summer.  Our thought is to visit South Eastern US and visit different places than we did on RV Trip 2. We thought we would head to Jacksonville and then follow Interstate 10 west but once we got underway we decided to divert and head for South Carolina and then follow the east coast down to Jacksonville. We were a little worried about getting away late in November especially after the first two weeks of November brought around 60 cms of snow but luckily there was a clear window that allowed us to travel south before another snow storm came through.

We left home on November 28 and then visited my brother and family in Woodstock for early birthday celebrations for our nieces. Jill bought a fun question answer game (Would you rather) and we did the answers simultaneously on our devices. On Saturday November 30th we left Woodstock early and did our first crossing into the US over the Ambassador bridge in Windsor/Detroit. The car line up was bad but they redirected us to follow the truck lanes which meant our crossing was quite fast. The roads were clear and traffic wasn’t bad for the US Thanksgiving weekend, we made it to Chillicothe Ohio that night. Since the RV was still winterized we stayed in a Best Western hotel that night and had dinner and Margaritas at a Tumbleweed Tex Mex Grill that night. Sharon was super impressed with the full breakfast the next morning at the hotel as they had a self serve pancake machine and you just pressed the button and got perfect pancakes😉

On Sunday December 1st we learned a lesson about travelling in the US on Thanksgiving weekend. The traffic was great in the morning but absolutely horrendous by the afternoon with everyone trying to make it home after Thanksgiving celebrations. We travelled from Ohio through West Virginia, Virginia, and ended up in Mount Airy North Carolina. The main interstate highway we took was 77 which was a toll highway and it passed through some beautiful hilly forest areas and eventually went over the Appalachian Mountains. The traffic was completely stopped on many sections of the highway and when we went over the mountains, we had really bad fog which further slowed things down. However, we were glad to get through this area before the next day as there was 10” of snow forecast for the mountains. We decided to stop at Mayberry Campground near Mount Airy and then the following day visit Andy Griffiths home and Museum.

The next day there was a strong wind advisory in effect so driving the RV was more difficult. We decided to drive through North Carolina and go to Myrtle Beach State Park in South Carolina. On our summer trip we had to move almost every single day so on this trip we decided we would try to spend 3 or 4 days at each location. We absolutely loved Myrtle Beach SP. The price was only $19 per night (plus tax) right by the beach and you got electric and water hookups in a well treed area and you got high speed internet as well! The only downside is you were close to the airport but the plane landing times were grouped quite well. We stayed at this park for 3 nights and walked around 15,000 steps every day. We explored the beach in our hunt for seashells, had some great meals, and hiked all the nature trails. We also walked along the board walk in Myrtle Beach to learn about the history of the area.

Next stop Huntington Beach SP.



  • Hi Sharon & Joel, glad to hear you are having a good trip, I was wondering if you were able to miss the snow that was predicted. We flew out on Saturday but I understand they got snow on Sunday the next day in Toronto We were very lucky to have such good weather while we were there we enjoyed the visit and hope you have good weather this winter to enjoy. Wayne & Arlene

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    • It was likely very good that you flew on the Saturday Wayne although you didn’t get a chance to test out your new boots with the flip up cleats;-)


  • Fortunately, you were able to escape the snow.
    It’s going to be fun during the bad season to enjoy the sun in the south of the United States.
    The beaches are also deserted.

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  • Oh Sharon! Did you adopt that clown fish? It is such a fun shot – and you make a great squid! (That was a squid, I hope!)

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