RV Trip 1.7 Glacier National Park Montana – June 7-8, 2016

The border crossing was really easy and they just asked how long we would be, what we did, and if we had fresh veggies. Sharon had spent hours reading about what they would take away and they didn’t even come in our RV;-) We drove by Chief Mountain and continued down towards Glacier National Park. We wanted to take one side road but it had a sign saying only up to 21’ vehicles and we’re 25’ so we had to go the long way around. The temperature reached 33C as we were driving so we really weren’t prepared for this type of heat in the mountains! We crossed through the Marias Pass which is the continental divide for water flow and arrived at Fish Creek Campground just in time to take the very last campsite (2:45 pm they were full). We found out some sections of the campsite don’t open until June 24. We did a nice walk to Rocky Point and planned our early hike for the next morning. We should have used our leveling blocks as the campsite wasn’t level and we couldn’t sleep because we kept sliding sideways;-) We’re finding it’s taking too long on the limited Wi-Fi connections to upload the full photos to the blog so I’m dropping the image sizes. Let me know if this is too low a quality.

The ranger in the visitor centre told us that there was limited parking at the Avalanche Creek parking area for RV’s (where the Going to the Sun road was closed due to too much snow) so we left at 7:25 am and made it to the parking by 8 am so we got one of the 3 RV parking spots! However the side benefit is that the light was amazing for our 8 KM hike to Avalanche Lake and we got great photos before all the people arrived. In addition the clouds came in so only us early risers got the blue sky. We spent about 2 hours at the lake and even saw a Buck deer 10’ away from us! After the Avalanche Lake trail we did the Trail of Cedars and the trees were enormous! Then we walked up the Going to the Sun road a little way and it was unfortunate we didn’t have our bikes with us because you can ride up and down the road to the snow closure point at this time of year with no cars on the road. Next we did the John’s Lake Loop trail and the Horse bridge by MacDonald Falls and went to the Historic Lake MacDonald lodge built in 1914. Another fantastic day but we sure wished we had a step counter on to see how far we really went (likely 14 km or more);-) When we got back to our campsite we had some rain, thunder, and lightning so we enjoyed some local beer and wine from the area.

We’re not sure where we’ll end up today but we’re heading south towards Yellowstone.


  • Pretty cool pics. Funny the Fish Creek picture is bigger in the collage than when I look through them individually. I hear there are no more glaciers in Glacier NP. You should look into local Kijiji for any deals on folding bikes.


    • Hi Danny, there are 24 Glaciers left in Waterton but we didn’t hear if Glacier National park had any or not. However in Waterton they said they will all be gone by 2020 to 2030. Scary to think about. We’re heading to Yellowstone tomorrow or Saturday.


  • Hi Joel and Sharon,
    I am enjoying your blog. Your pictures are amazing and your disciption tell a story. Thank you for sharing.



  • Sounds like your having a great time! Great pics…
    are you also heading to grand tetons after yellowstone?
    stay safe! Enjoy America’s beauty.


  • Fantastic photos – thank for all your wonderful work on the blog Joel. I’m really enjoying travelling in my chair with you! You two will be in excellent physical shape by now so enjoy those wee tots in the evenings – you earned them!!

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  • Hello Sharon & Joel. We are enjoying our “travels”with you. Lovely scenery and your RV is very nice. Continued safe and happy trip. Ron & Connie

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